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Open Frame AC & DC Power Supplies

Open frame AC & DC power suppliers feature a PCB plate-only, open frame construction, leaving the option to use them with or without a safety cover. This feature makes them compatible with applications where a power supply is being installed into a product or rack mounted. They are manufactured with a smaller footprint and are used for a wide range of OEM applications including telecom, broadcast, industrial, medical, IT, gaming, test equipment and more.

N2Power Parts Provide High Efficiency in a Compact Design

N2Power parts feature a high efficiency, patented “green” design that delivers up to 94% efficiency, helping conserve energy. Another benefit of open frame AC power supplies and DC power supplies is that they produce less energy loss resulting from heat dissipation. As a result, they have lower cooling air requirements which helps to further reduce energy consumption.
DC power supplies are an ideal choice for OEMs because they have a small footprint to save space in rack-mounted communications equipment or medical applications. N2Power parts also feature a no-load operation and are RoHS compliant. They deliver twice the power in half the space and have a reliable and long-lasting product life offering high power density with options for single and multiple-output options. N2Power parts have are rated for forced-air cooling or convection-only cooling, making them a versatile product suitable for a range of applications.
When selecting your open frame AC power supplies and DC power supplies, you will need to consider the minimum efficiency requirements for your design as well as the appropriate DC output required. Additional technical information, including mechanical drawings, is available by clicking on the Datasheet PDF icon located next to the product descriptions below.

As an N2Power distributor, we offer open frame AC and DC power supplies in a range of options. N2Power parts provide you with a power dense, economical and environmentally-friendly solution for your OEM application needs.  Contact PUI to learn more about our open frame N2Power options or request a quote

N2Power Parts Features and Benefits

N2Power parts are a versatile solution for your OEM power supply applications. They have a small footprint, no load operation and are available with various output voltages and wattages. Certain N2Power parts can also be used as stand alone power supplies and include active current sharing and Or’ing Diode for redundancy.
Additional features and benefits of N2Power open frame AC & DC power supplies include:
  • Low cooling air requirements
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Less wasted heat
  • 30% more efficiency than other products
  • Up to 50% reduced consumption
  • Power density of over 24 watts/cubic inch
  • Universal AC input
  • A “green” design achieving up to 94% efficiency
  • Reliable and economic operation
  • RoHS Compliant  

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PUI is a reliable N2 Power distributor offering a wide range of open frame AC & DC power supplies to provide you with a cost-effective and reliable solution for your OEM application. Order your N2 power parts today through our online store or contact us to learn more.
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