Audio indicators are single/multiple tone audio signaling devices give audio output and are used for applications requiring a simple click, beep or ring. Programmable indicators can be electro mechanical, piezoelectric or mechanical and are typically mounted directly onto a circuit board for use in buzzer and alarm applications. Audio indicators can also be programmed to allow users to give voice instructions along with warning signals or tones.   

Common uses for electro mechanical indicators include appliances, computers, industrial devices, automotive, programmable terminals, medical devices, and more. They are also commonly used with colored LEDs to create displays or audio indicators that utilize an indicator signal to control the lights.   

PUI offers the world’s first PCB mounted electro mechanical indicator and fully programmable indicator. Our audio indicators are constructed of an upper and lower housing that enclose a Piezo bender and PBC with drive circuit. Our programmable indicators are also RoHS 2002/95/EC compliant and provide a range of features and benefits including:
• Can play up to 30 seconds of any WAV or MP3 device file
• USB to Mini USB connections
• Wide frequency range
• Programmable volume
• Side firing washable transducer
• Flange mounting  

Audio Indicators with Flexible Programming Options

PUI carries electro mechanical indicators and audio indicators that can be used for a range of applications. They feature a wide frequency range and can play any WAV or MP3 file to play various alarm signals, tones, and music or voice messages. 

Electro-Mechanical Indicator

Electro mechanical indicator featuring PBT housing with Sn plated red copper terminals
• Rated voltage: 5
• Operating voltage range: 3 ~ 7
• Rated current (MAX): 30
• Minimum SPL @ 10 CM: 85 
• Resonant Frequency: 2,300 ± 300
• Tone or pulse range: continuous  

Audio Indicator, PC Mount

Programmable indicator constructed from ABS housing with Sn plated red copper terminals.
• Rated voltage: 12
• Operating voltage range: 3 ~ 20
• Rated current (MAX): 8
• Minimum SPL @ 10 CM: 100
• Resonant Frequency: 2,900 ± 500
• Tone or pulse range: continuous  

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