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Speakers & Audio Devices

Piezo speakers are audio devices that utilize a linear electromechanical interaction known as the piezoelectric effect to generate sound. These speaker audio devices have a high frequency output, can resist overloads that typically damage other types of speakers, and feature electrical properties that enable them to be used without a crossover. Piezo speaker audio devices are incredibly small and require little power to emit sound. 

Multilayer piezo speakers from PUI are used to reproduce music, voices and sound and feature a slim profile for use with touch panel displays, handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones, computers and other modern electronics. In addition to piezo speakers, we also provide exciter speaker audio devices for application on a wide range of surfaces.  

Benefits of choosing piezo speakers and speaker audio devices include

• Waterproof construction
• Low power consumption
• Full range of outputs
• Large selection of shapes and sizes
• Paper, cloth and mylar material selections 

Speaker Audio Devices Deliver High Frequency Output in a Small Design

PUI offers cone speakers in a range of sizes that feature waterproof construction and deliver a full range of audio outputs. Our piezo speakers are suited for high frequency applications and are available in three options.

Piezo Speaker

Slim-line micro speakers built for space-limited, modern electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable technology and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. Features ABS housing material with aluminum cap mylar cone material and NbFeb magnets. RoHS 2011/65/EU compliant.  [note: we need to confirm that the data sheet on website is the correct one for this product.

• Rated input power: 0.7W
• Max input power: 1W
• Impedance: 8 ±15%
• Resonant frequency: 550 ± 20% 

Speaker 1W 8OHM 320HZ 94DB

Speaker audio device with a slim-line body for space-limited application including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearable technology. Durable ABS housing with an aluminum cap mylar cone and NbFeb magnet. This piezo speaker is RoHS 2011/65/EU compliant and has a face that complies with IP65 waterproofing standards. 

• Rated input power: 0.7W
• Max input power: 1W
• Impedance: 8 ±15%
• Resonant frequency: 550 ± 20% 

Exciter Audio Speaker Devices

Exciters are speakers that do not contain a frame or cone and are often referred to as “invisible” speakers.  These speaker audio devices can be used on a wide range of surfaces and emit sound by vibrating against the surface at the frequency of the signal being transmitted. The mounting surface can impact the frequency response and sound output and should be a consideration when choosing a mounting location for your audio device.  

Common applications for exciter audio speaker devices include: gaming systems, kitchen appliances, interactive kiosks, slot machines, ATMs, RVs and campers, home theater systems, and more. Exciter speaker audio devices offered by PUI feature double-sided tape for mounting and are RoHS 2011/65/EU compliant. Additional features include:

• Rated input power: 3W
• Max Input power: 5W
• Impedance: 8 ±15%
• Resonant frequency: 450 ± 20% 

Learn More About High Range Output Piezo Speakers and Audio Devices   Contact PUI today to learn more about our multilayer piezo speakers and other speaker audio devices offered in a wide range of shapes and sizes
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