Audio transducers are devices that convert the energy from audio signals into mechanical energy. The energy then causes vibrations in speakers that transform into acoustic waves that are transmitted through the air. These waves create the sounds we hear coming out of stereo speakers, headphones, home audio systems, smoke detectors, computers and a range of other devices. 

Transducer devices detect and transmit low or high frequencies and can be used to create continuous or acoustic waves, making them ideal for use by a wide range of industry applications such as: 

• Medical equipment and devices 
• Home automation systems
• Security and detection devices   
• Consumer electronics
• Point of sale products  

PUI provides the industry’s first washable audio transducers that have high heat resistance and deliver multiple tones out of the same transducer device. Our transducers feature piezo ceramic elements that contract and expand to generate electrical pulses that cause the metal plate to vibrate, creating audible sound. Audio transducers from PUI are designed to achieve the exact tone your audio design application requires and are RoHS 2002/95/EC compliant.  

Our audio transducers are the world’s smallest surface mount transducer (5x5x2) and are available in various configurations for your custom audio needs. Features for our transducer audio products include:

• Peizo ceramic audio indicator
• Surface mount, thru-hole, flange mount and panel mount options
• Custom configurations available
• Can be programmed to create multiple tones at multiple frequencies  

Transducer Devices Provide a Convenient Solution for Audio Applications

Our transducer devices feature NORYL housing material that provides excellent insulating properties, high dialectic strength, dimensional stability and flame resistance. They also feature Sn plated red copper terminals for effective signal transfer. Our audio transducers are also washable, allowing them to be used with standard solder plates and withstand PCB washing without damaging the transducer device.  

 Audio transducers from PUI are offered in four options: 

Audio Transducer

• Rated voltage: 1.5
• Operating voltage range: 1 ~ 3
• Rated current (MAX): 10
• Resonant Frequency: 2,048 ± 500 

 Electro-Mech Audio Transducer

• Rated voltage: 5
• Operating voltage range: 3 ~ 8
• Rated current (MAX): 40
• Resonant Frequency: 2,400 ± 500 

 Electro-Mech Transducer

• Rated voltage: 5
• Operating voltage range: 3 ~ 
• Rated current (MAX): 40
• Resonant Frequency: 2,400 ± 500 

 Piezo Transducer, PC Mount

• Rated voltage: 5
• Operating voltage range: 1 ~ 20
• Rated current (MAX): 1
• Resonant Frequency: 3,800 ± 500
Contact PUI for Washable Audio Transducer Devices PUI provides high quality transducer devices that provide multiple tones and are available in a range of mounting operations to meet your application requirements. Request a quote for transducer audio devices today or contact us to discuss your custom audio requirements.   
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