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Capacitors for Electrical Systems

Ceramic capacitors are typically constructed of two or more layers of alternating ceramic and metal and use ceramic material as a dielectric. Ceramic chips are coated on both sides with silver contacts and feature two electrode and a protective layer. Multiple layers are sometimes used to create ceramic capacitors that have higher capacitances.

Multi-layer ceramic capacitors provide high stability and volumetric efficiency and are ideal for use in audio applications because of their large capacitor values. They are one of the more frequently used capacitor styles and are used in mobile phones and a range of other audio and signal applications.
Ceramic capacitors are typically offered in two options: Class 1 and Class 2. Class 1 ceramic disc capacitors provide high stability and low loss, and provide thermal stability that makes them suitable for use in high temperature applications. Class 2 ceramic capacitors provide higher capacitance per volume and a higher operating temperature range, so they are well-suited for less sensitive applications.
Ceramic disc capacitors and multi-layer ceramic capacitors are small in design and are used in a range of high-precision, high-voltage and high-power electronic applications. Since they do have some microphonic properties they are often better suited for audio applications than signal applications.
Some of the advantages of using ceramic disc capacitors include:

  • Surface Mount
  • Voltages from 4vdc – 50vdc
  • Rated at 85C
  • High Reliability
  • Anti-Sulfur

Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic disc capacitors are suitable for mobile phones and various DC-DC converter applications. Multi-layer ceramic capacitors have high reliability, provide low DC resistance and feature a magnetically shielded structure. They are suitable for smoothing DC-DC converter circuits and providing noise suppression in equipment, and for use as voltage regulators and on-board power suppliers.
Additional specifications include:
  • Operating temperature range: 55 to +125℃
  • Inductance range: 0.47 ±20 % to 10.0 ±20 %
  • DC resistance range: 0.040 ±25 % to 0.323 ±30 %
  • Capacitance range: 0.010 to 47µF
  • RoHS compliant

Learn More About Ceramic Disc Capacitors for Electronic Applications

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