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DC Power Jack Connectors

 DC power connectors are easily recognized by their unique barrel design. They feature a single exposed conductor and a second conductor that is recessed built into the DC connector housing, which provides the benefit of making it difficult to create a short between the pair of conductors. Since DC power connectors are generally used to supply power to electronic devices, they pose very little risk to sensitive materials if accidentally plugged in. In addition, DC power jack connectors are low voltage and provide extremely little chance of shock.

Understanding the Inner & Outer Dimensions of a DC Power Jack Connector

DC connectors are regularly defined by the diameter of their inner pin and outer sleeve. The diameter of the inner sleeve should be somewhat larger than that of the connecting pin, even though there is not a standardized fitting requirement. The insertion depth of the jack should also be considered for a proper fitting.

DC Power Jack Connector Mounting Options

When considering a DC power jacks connector, it is important to take into account the type of mounting style that is required for your specific project needs. PCB mounted connectors DC connectors are available in mechanical, horizontal and vertical styles and can be surface mount or through hole. Furthermore, standard mounting stabilization pins are non-conducting and are interference fit into holes in the PCB, while some horizontal jacks require an opening to be routed out of the PCB. In addition, mounting the jack within the thickness of the PCB minimizes the physical height of the jack above the PCB.

DC Power Jack Connector Features

PUI’s selection of DC power jack connectors provides numerous features that make them extremely reliable and easy-to-use. Some of the features of our DC connectors include:
  • Allows for direct current to be supplied to a device.
  • Panel mount
  • PC board mount styles
  • Surface mount
  • Thru-hole mount styles
  • 2.00mm and 2.5mm sizes are stocked in depth

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