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Electrical DIN Connector


Electrical DIN connectors are regularly used to allow for a safe connection between the electrical supply and the equipment that is utilizing the power. DIN connector electrical products were first introduced in the 1970s and have changed significantly throughout the years. Electrical DIN connectors are generally metal and circular in nature. They can also be easily identified by their inner prongs that can range from 3 to 24 pins.
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Electrical DIN Connector Applications

There are numerous everyday items that rely on DIN connectors to provide solid electrical connections to other devices. The size of the connector as well as the number of pins within the DIN model will dictate its applicable use. DIN connectors are available in seven common patterns, with any number of pins from three to eight. Three different five-pin connectors exist, known as 180°, 240°, and domino/360°/270°. For more advanced applications, 24, 26, and 50 pin DIN’s are also available. Some of the DIN connector electrical products that can benefit from this type of connection include:
  • Loudspeakers
  • Analog audio
  • PC power connectors
  • Audio for HME wireless communicators
  • UMTS antenna controlling tilt
  • Gaming devices
  • And more

Mini-DIN Electrical Connectors

Mini-DIN connectors for electrical products are smaller than standard DIN connectors and are available in seven patterns, with three to nine pins per connector. Mini-DIN connectors are precisely manufactured so that a plug with a specific pattern cannot mate with a connector with a differing pattern. Mini-DIN connectors are also differentiated from standard DIN connectors in a variety of other ways, including:
  1. Pin arrangement
  2. Square key size
  3. Position
  4. Circular shielding of the metal skirt notches
  5. Metallic additions
These unique characteristics are what distinguish the mini-DIN connector from larger DIN connectors. The mini connector is what most electronic devices that accept DIN connectors are fitted with.

Mini-DIN Connector Applications

Mini-DIN connectors are regularly used for numerous types of consumer electronic devices that require the use of an electrical connection. Some of the more prevalent uses of Mini-DIN connectors include:
  • S-Video connections
  • Apple products
  • Computers
  • Gaming devices
  • Custom sensing & controls
  • Radio programming
  • Keyboard ports
  • And more

Electrical DIN Connector Features

PUI provides numerous options for DIN connector electrical products. Some of the features of our DIN and Mini-DIN connectors include:
  • Min-Din options include snap and lock, low profile and slim versions.
  • Through hole, surface mount and panel mount version are offered.

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