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Modular Phone Connectors & Jacks


A modular phone connector, or telephone plug is used to connect a wire and modular phone jack to outer telephone wiring that is located inside the walls, or within a computer program. Once established, a valid modular phone connector and modular phone jack will allow a telephone connection to an outside network.

Orientation of Modular Phone Connector Latching Tabs

Modular phone connectors and phone jacks are designed to be connected. When the phone jack is inserted into the phone connector a plastic tab that is connected to the phone jack locks into the phone connector, which allows the cord to be securely connected to the wall. The cord can be removed by applying pressure to the phone jack’s tab while gently pulling the cord.

Modular Phone Jack & Connector Features

PUI’s phone connectors and phone jacks provide a bevy of features that allow you to establish a viable phone connection for your home or business. Some of the standard features of our modular phone connectors and jacks, include 
  • Orientations
  • Mounting styles
  • Terminal styles
  • Numbers of positions

Modular Phone Connector Options

There are numerous types of modular phone connectors and jacks that are available depending on your requirement needs. These requirements may also depend on the country in which you live or are doing business and your country’s exact stipulations regarding phone service. Some of the most common types of modular connectors, include:
  • 4P4C & 4P2C (handset cables)
  • 6P2C & RJ11 (single line)
  • 6P4C & RJ14 (double line)
  • 6P6C & RJ25 (triple line)
As a standard the most common modular connector setup for most countries is RJ11.

Modular Phone Connector Applications

Besides connecting to telephone calling lines, modular phone connectors and phone jacks are commonly used for a wide range of applications. Some of the more common applications for modular phone jacks and phone connectors, includes:
  • Data networks
  • Low-speed serial connections
  • Telephone systems
  • And more

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