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Since its foundation in 1969, COSEL has continued to work hard to ensure that its customers are always pleased with its products and services.

We prioritize technical development and are proud of our reputation as a founding member of today's dedicated power supply manufacturing industry, which has come about as a result of our unique R&D activities, as well as being a leader within the power electronics world. We are grateful to all those in various industries that have supported our growth in so many ways.

Nowadays, COSEL is moving into a new stage of its history. Based on our Management Philosophy of "Living up to our reputation in society by a quality-first approach," we are working even harder in our aim to create new value and develop new technology in order to manufacture products and services that will be loved by our customers all over the world.

COSEL Co. carries a range of electronic components, including semiconductors, are used within electronic products such as industrial and consumer equipment. Semiconductor devices such as IC, FET, transistors, diodes, etc. operate based on a stable DC power supply. In other words, it is vital to convert the AC current supplied to plants and households into a stabilized DC current. COSEL’s DC-stabilized power units help to realize this.

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