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Aavid Thermalloy
Heat Sinks, Thermal Cooling, Fans, Interface Materials
ACT (Associated Components Tech)
Inductors, Coils, Chokes, Thru-hole & SMT
Adam Tech
Connectors, Min-DIN, Circular DIN, DC Power, D-Sub, RJ45, USB, Card Edge, Audio Jacks
All Axis-Machining
Heat Sinks, High Tolerance 5-Axis CNC Machining
American Zettler
LCD Displays and Relays: Power, PCB, Signal Relays, Electro-Mechanical, PhotoMos, RF Relays
Thermistors NTC and PTC
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Filters, & VCO Products
Switches, Toggle, Pushbutton, Tactile, Joysticks, LED Indicators
APX Technologies
Power Supplies - Open Frame, Desk Top, Wall Plug-in, DC-DC Converters
Film capacitors, AC & DC Filters, Snubber Caps
BC Components - Vishay
Film Capacitors, Aluminum Capacitors, Switches, Potentiometers, Ceramic Capacitors
Barker Microfarads Inc (BMI)
Aluminum Capacitors, Radial Lead, Axial Lead, Motor-Start capacitors
Fuses, RJ45, Connectors
BI Technologies (TT Elect)
Potentiometers, Trimmers, Thin Film Resistors
Film Capacitors, Polyester, Polypropylene
LEDs, LED Assemblies, Light Pipes, Electronic Hardware, Card Guides, Card Pullers, Card Ejectors, PC Board hardware, Compact PCI hardware
CDE Cornell-Dublier Electronics
Computer Grade, Snap-In, Film Capacitors, Polyester & Polypropylene, Oil Filled, Motor Run, Aluminum, Mica
Ceramite - Vishay
Ceramic Disc Capactiors, Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, LED power supplies
Magnetics, Surface Mount Inductors
Diodes, Transistors, Rectifiers, Mosfets
Curtis Industries
Terminal Blocks, DIN Rail Blocks, RFI Filters, Tri-Mag Power Supplies
Dale Electronics - Vishay
Precision Resistors & Magnetics
Delta Products
Fans, AC / DC, Blowers, Thermal & Power Entry products
Surface Mount Crystals, Oscillators, Thru-Hole and Surface Mount, Programmables
Rack and Panel Connectors, RJ45, Card Edge, Headers, Telecom Backplane Connectors
Film capacitors, (Polyester, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate) specializing in tight tolerances.
EI Sensor Technologies
Thermistors NTC and PTC, RTDs, NTC Thermistor & RTD Probe Assemblies
Film Capacitors, High Voltage, RC Networks, EMI/RFI Filters
Electronic Devices Inc - EDI
Bridge Rectifiers, Transistors
Connectors, Pins, & Sockets
DIN 41612 Connectors, Hard Metric, Press -Fit connectors
Ericsson Power Modules
DC/DC Converters, DC/DC Regulators.
Switches, Pushbutton, Toggle, Tactile
Memory and System ICs, DRAM
RF Cable Assemblies, RF Adapters
FEMA Electronics
LEDs, LCDs, Displays
Power Supplies, Switching & Medical, Battery Packs & Chargers
Inductors, Ferrite Beads, Coils, Chokes, EMI Suppressors, Transformers
Hasco Relays
Electromechanical Relays, Reed Relays, Latching Relays, Proximity Switches
Multiplayer Ceramic Capacitors, Surface Mount and high CV types
LEDs, and Led Assemblies, Light Bars
Illinois Capacitor
Film Capacitors, Polyester & Polypropylene, Aluminum
ILSI America, Inc.
Crystals, Clock Oscillators, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO
IRC (TT Elect)
Resistors, Current Sense, Wirewound, Precision, High Voltage
Jaro Thermal
AC Fans, DC Fans, IC Coolers, DC Blowers, Water Resistant Aquas
Connectors, PC Card, PCMCIA, Compact Flash and Solderless Terminals
Kamaya, Inc
Resistors, Fuses, MLCC Caps
LEDs, and Led Assemblies, LCDs, Light Bars
King Cord
Power cords, Detachable, Medical Grade, plugs and accessories
Connectors, Mini-DIN, Circular DIN, DC Power, Dsub, RJ45, USB, Card Edge, Audio Jacks
Mag Layers, Inc.
Inductors, Ferrite Beads, Coils, Chokes, EMI Suppressors, Transformers
Major League
Connectors, Board-Board, Headers, Sockets, Surface Mount and Thru-Hole
Fans, AC, DC, Finger Guards, and Cooling Devices
Reed Relays, Sensors & Reed Switches (surface mount & thru-hole)
Mega Electronics
AC-DC & DC-DC Converters, Power Cords
Compact Flash Shells and Connectors
Micro Crystal
Crystals & Oscillators, Real Time Clocks
SLC & PCB Pins, Precision Machined Pin Receptacles & Sockets
MMD Components
Crystals, Clock Oscillators, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO
N2Power (Qualstar)
AC-DC, DC-DC Power Supplies, Ultra Small High Efficiency.
Tantalum Capacitors, SMD & Leaded
Nichicon America Corp.
Capacitors, Aluminum, Surface Mount, Thru-Hole, Axial, Radial, Snap-In
Connectors, D-Sub, Backshells, Push Pull
Capacitors, MultiLayer Chip Capacitors, Surface Mount, High Voltage
Ohmite Mfg Co
Resistors, Rheostats, Inductors, Thru-Hole & Surface Mount
Fuses, fuse holders, Circuit Breakers, Circuit Protection products
Orion Fans
AC/DC Fans, Blowers, Fan Accessories
Oupiin Connectors
DSub, Pin Headers, Wire to Wire, Board-Board, Hard Metric Connectors.
Pletronics, Inc
Crystals, Oscillators, OCXO, TCXO, Ultra Low Jitters
P- Tec
LEDs, LCDs, Opto Display products
PUI Audio (Projects Unlimited)
Audible Devices, Piezo Buzzers, Speakers, Transducers and Microphones
Finger Guards, AC Inlets, AC Outlets, EMI/RFI Filters, Power Cords, Cordsets
Crystals and Oscillators, Thru Hole and Surface Mount
RCD Components
Resistors, Current-Sense Types, Delay Lines, Inductors, Capacitors, Magnetics, Custom Passives
Inductors, Coils, Chokes, EMI Suppressors, Transformers
Roederstein - Vishay
X2&Y Film Capacitors
RTI Electronics (Ametherm)
Surge Guards, Thermistors.
Connectors, Custom Cables, Optics, RF Devices
Sanyo Denki
AC Fans, DC Fans, Finger Guards, Cooling Devices, CPU Coolers
SEI Electronics
Resistors, Carbon Film, Metal Film, Metal Oxide, Current Sense, Varistors, Surface Mount and Thru-Hole
Solid State MFG
Rectifiers, Diodes
Spectrol - Vishay
Spectrol Precision Potentiometers, Trimmer, Panel Mount Potentiometers
Sprague - Vishay
Tantalum Capacitors, Surface Mount, Thru-Hole, Low-ESR
Stewart Connector (Belfuse)
Stewart Modular Plugs, RJ45 Connectors, Jacks, Plus, MagJack, Modular connectors
LEDs, Displays, Light Bars, Surface Mount and Thru-Hole
Surge Components
Film Capacitors, Aluminum Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Discretes, Switches
Ceramic Capacitors, EMI/RFI Filters
Capacitors, Film, Tantalum, Ceramic, Aluminum, Surface Mount, Thru-Hole, Magnetics
Tewa Sensors
NTC/PTC Thermistor Sensors, PTRTD Sensors, Thermocouples
Torex USA
Voltage Regulators, Voltage, Detectors, DC-DC Converters, Micro DC-DC
Union Tech
Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitors, High Voltage, Feed-Thru filters
United Chemi-Con - UCC Marcon
Aluminum Electro-Lytic and Ceramic Capacitors - Thru-Hole and Surface Mount
Discrete Semiconductors & Passive Components
Vitec Electronics
Pulse & Isolation Transformers, and Switching Power Supply Magnetics
Vitramon - Vishay
Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitors
Terminal Blocks, European & Domestic Styles
Welwyn (TT Elect)
Precision Resistors, High Voltage and Current Sense types
Wi2Wi (PDI)
Crystals & Oscillators, Commercial, Mil-C-3098 & Mil-55310, SMD & Thru hole
Yageo America Corp
MLCC & X2Y Capacitors, Inductors, Bluetooth Antennas, R-Chips.
YS Tech
DC fans, Blowers, Heat Sinks and Fan Accessories