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AC & DC Power Supplies

PUI’s power supply products offer reliable power sourcing for a multitude of applications. Our patented technology delivers more power in less space than comparable branded products. Some of the more notable features of our power supply products, include:
  • “Green” by design, many of the supplies achieve up to 93% efficiency
  • These open frame power supplies are among the smallest AC-DC 125W-450W units on the market
  • High Efficiency means less loss of energy in the form of heat, hence higher MTBF and lower cooling costs
  • Some supplies offer active current sharing and an OR’ing diode fro redundancy
  • Single and multi-output models
  • Open Frame
  • Medical application options

DC Power Supplies & Power Capacitors

PUI’s power supplies and n2 power capacitor products provide a safe and reliable source of power for all your project energy needs. Our power supply options, include:
  • AC-DC Power – Our AC-DC power supply products utilize direct current and alternating current operational functionality. Our AC-DC products are ultra-small and provide an open frame.
  • DC-DC Power – DC power supplies move in a uni-directional flow. The intensity of the current can vary over time, but the general direction of DC power supplies always stays the same. PUI’s DC-DC power supplies are highly efficient and can vary between 125 and 275 watts.
  • Medical Power Supplies – PUI’s medical power capacitors are available internally or externally with either open-framed or configurable options.

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