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PUI Value-Added Capabilities

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Custom Cable Assembly
Custom Cable Assembly
Switch Assembly
Custom Fan Assembly
Custom Fan Assemblies
Fan Sink
Fan Sinks
Temerature Sensing Probes
DC-DC Converter
DC-DC Converter
Open Frame Power Supply
Open Frame

About Us

PUI has specialized in the distribution of electronic components for over 35 years. Over these years, PUI has created a strong focus on Value Added services. We understand that your company is unique and can be better served with a more personalized service.  For this reason, we have invested heavily into equipment and industry knowledge to seperate us from the rest of the industry when it comes to your value added needs.

Interconnect Solutions

  • Custom Cable Assembly

  • Power Cords 

  • Indsuctry Standard Cables

  • Harness 

  • Switch Assemblies


Thermal Management

  • Custom Fan Assembly

  • Fan Sinks

  • Extrusions

  • Fan Arrays

  • Blowers

  • Temperature Sensing Probes


Power Solutions

  • Open Frame

  • Wall Mount

  • Desktop

  • WiFi Home Automation

  • Power Over Ethernet

  • Chargers

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